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Sailing School

There is no specific age to learn how to sail.

Way Sailing offers sailing and windsurf courses to kids, teenagers, and adults of all levels. Due to our varied fleet of boats, it is possible to learn individually or in small groups, under the attentive eyes of our coaches.

For kids from 6 years and above, and teenagers under 18, the best way to learn how to sail is the summer camp. Students can subscribe to the camp – which runs all throughout the summer – for one or more weeks of intensive sailing. Young sailors who participate in the summer camps and wish to continue throughout the year can become part of the competitive teams at Yacht Club Cagliari, where they will learn to become serious athletes by consistently working and improving on their skills.

Private lessons and intensive courses are available all year round for participants of all ages. This one-on-one style is ideal for kids who intend to become part of the competitive team, as well as for adults of any level (both beginners and advanced). The intensive courses can be booked privately or in small groups for family or friends.

Find the best course for you or contact us for advice on what is the most suitable choice for your needs!

Your new passion awaits you!

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