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Chartering our dinghies is ideal for individuals or groups who wish to enjoy a sunny day by the beach as well as for higher-level sailors, athletes or teams who have scheduled professional training sessions. This also comes with the possibility to charter support ribs such as VSR (among the best worldwide).

Experience our fleet for youself

To charter our boats or windsurf an advanced sailing level is mandatory, while to charter our ribs either a coach qualification or boat license is needed. In both cases it is also mandatory to provide proof of registration to the Italian or any foreign sailing federation.

Our offers:

Boats1 Hour2 Hours3 HoursFull Day
Laser Pico€ 30€ 45€ 60€ 95
RS Zest€ 30€ 45€ 60€ 95
Laser Bahia€ 60€ 75€ 90€ 125
RS Quest€ 60€ 75€ 90€ 125
Laser€ 35€ 50€ 65€ 100
RS Feva€ 35€ 50€ 65€ 100
RS CAT 14€ 60€ 75€ 90€ 125
VSR 5.0NANANA€ 180
VSR 5.8NANANA€ 220
VSR 6.0NANANA€ 230

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